daddy punched me

after starting his antibiotics, jack started feeling better pretty quickly…so, at one of the wyoming hotel stops jack wanted to ‘wrestle with daddy’…after about 15 minutes of rough-housing, pillow wars and laughs we stopped to take a break…i looked over at jack and he was grabbing ‘hold of his abdomen…

at that point he said (in a half-sad voice)…

mommy, daddy punched me.


[i had landed on him at one point, but hadn’t punched him…come on, you’re ridiculous?! one of the things we’re starting to see is “some exaggerating” and “storytelling”–it’s usually hilarious, except when they say things like this in public]


“why?” is one of those childhood sayings/questions that ranks right up there with “no” and “i don’t wanna”…and when your toddler starts wielding the word at every single, little, insignificant point throughout the day, you’ll do just what i did–beg for mercy…

just the other day, we (the family) were headed out the door to celebrate one of our cousin’s birthdays and this is what went down…

my wife: jack, put your coat on please. 

jack: why?

my wife: because we’re going to the car.

jack: why?

my wife: because we’re going to uncle bruce’s.

jack: why?

my wife: because it’s mary’s birthday.

jack: why?

my wife: because  21 years ago she was born.

jack: why?

my wife: because that’s what happened and we celebrate birthdays in our family.

jack: why?

my wife: ugh!

this went on for a little while longer until my wife put my son in a choke-hold and carried him to the car (just kiddin’)…but, we did think about it–and i get it, his brain is developing…he’s a little sponge–sucking up every little ounce of information he can…he’s also sucking the mother-lovin’ life out of us with these questions 🙂

the CIA should really look into hiring toddlers–to give suspected terrorists the ‘why treatment’…so, why are you in the u.s.?  because i’m a student; why are you a student? because i am training for a job?; why are you training for a job? because i want to make money and provide for my family?; why do you want to make money and provide for your family? so that they will have a comfortable life; why do you have all this money in your bank account if you’re a student and are training for a job to make money? forget it, i’m a terrorist! (case closed)…

and, no matter how tough you are…nobody can stand up to this treatment forever…everybody breaks, eventually

think i’m exaggerating?! take a look at this classic clip from louis ck (this bit is on the profane side of life)…


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