i’m dave dettmann…i am a high school teacher and work near minneapolis, minnesota…at school, i am also known as mr. dettmann, mr. d. – or, for the bold…”d”  (when i’m not at school i’m usually found hanging out with my wife and twins:) …it’s at the encouragement of my wife that i’m writing this blog…& because some day, probably when i’m dead (i was kinda old when our twins came along), my kids might wonder hey, what did dad do for work?!*

a bit more about me…

i wasn’t always a teacher, but have always worked with kids in some way, shape, or form–from coaching soccer to camp counseling, from juvenile justice to youth ministry…to, finally, teaching criminal justice at an alternative/career-tech high school…

…and, that’s what this blog is about…the stories, the experiences, the lessons learned–the sacred and profane, the successes and failures, and the joys and sorrows of it all…of a life spent working with other peoples’ kids…of a life spent herding cats…i hope you enjoy the ride–i know i have (mostly)…

*others, besides my children, may be interested in this blog on a professional level-maybe you work with kids, maybe you want to…if so, some of these stories may hold value for you–especially, the posts i’ve categorized as “tradecraft”…

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