God Smacked (Part II)

the second time it hit me recently (a time where i saw God in my daily life) was…

when i was driving to work a month or so ago…

well, it was a friday and i was happy as can be — until the flat tire happened. there i was, pulling through the drive thru for my regular friday morning coffee when the “tire pressure” warning light came on. i thought, ok, this is related to the patch i just got 2 weeks ago when a nail went through — but no, this was a new flat (and i heard it before i saw it). the dreaded hiss of air going out. and then i saw it. a piece of sheet metal embedded in the tire. honestly, i feel like mad max in fury road these days because there’s so much sh** on the roads with all the f**king construction (press play on “old man rant”)!  anyways, it was a slow leak — so, i paused and considered my options. and that’s when it started to rain. so, i checked the time and realized that i was already running late, so my next thought was: i could change the tire and be even later (and dirty, wet & grungy b/c of having to crawl around on the wet ground) or go to plan b. plan b won out. i drove on and made it to a tires plus close to work, ubered in, and got to school right before the students showed up. that was a blessing in and of itself. then, right around lunch time, as i was sitting there ruminating on the sh**-show start to the day – i heard a voice say, hey, mr. d.?! i looked over towards the door and saw a student from last year’s class (graduated already) standing there smiling. and she wasn’t empty-handed. she had randomly brought me in a milkshake from mcdonald’s — and it completely turned things around. funny thing, the student is somali (from a recent immigrant family) — and we couldn’t have more different life stories — but we both love us some mickey d’s!;) anyways, it was an unexpected kindness — and totally saved my day! thank you, muna!

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