Take It Easy

“I hate rude behavior in a man.  I won’t tolerate it.” – Tommy Lee Jones (in Lonesome Dove)

my sister-in-law, who started teaching at a community college out east, asked me how to handle a certain classroom behavior…

her question: a young adult was using foul language in my class…so, i was curious, how do you handle discipline issues with adults?

my answer: good question.  with cursing–usually, i tell ’em to get the f*** out! 🙂 but seriously, my standard response is–“take it easy.”  that usually draws a smile (or a laugh) and redirects them at the same time.  they’re adults, so the occasional curse is not a deal-breaker.  it’s different if they’re cursing “at you” or “at another student” — that’s more serious.  in those cases, i tell ’em “not cool” and “if it continues, i’ll have to ask you to leave.”  

*she asked me this question because in addition to teaching high school students, i teach part-time at a community college myself–and despite this random case, teaching at the community college level is like teaching in the promised land–you all really need to know that it’s so very different than the k-12 world!!!  anyways, i am so excited for her and know she will do just great!!!

**having to discipline adults, people as old (or older) than you are is a whole new ballgame.  but, sometimes you have to do it–sometimes, they’re just out of line, just having a bad moment…and, you have to step in and say something.  i remember a time, when i actually had to kick another college instructor out of my class–no lie!  well, as a courtesy, i allowed this instructor to visit my class one night and ‘recruit’ students for one of his classes.  the name of this guy and department that he’s from is locked in the vault.  regardless (and in short), during his presentation the guy lost it and went ballistic, seriously…and i had to bounce him.  it was awkward and risky–because he was older than i was…and he was a full-time, tenured professor–i was just a new adjunct instructor, a nobody.  it was a crazy situation and it was unfortunate that i had to do that to him, but then again–don’t act like that in front of a class! wtf?!

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