so, i had this dream (about a week before the “good friday” story in the last post)…

i was wandering around some foreign land…and met up with stephen (one of the youth pastors at our church–the upper room)…he brought me back to the church, to his office…which was completely bare…no office supplies or wall hangings or much of anything…just a desk and a chair…and a Bible…

i didn’t say anything…

but stephen said…

God knows what you have promised.

then, he said…

it’s right there in Psalm 36.

then i woke up.

a couple of things:

  1. as surprising as it sounds, i don’ t usually dream about stephen;)
  2. i don’t usually have “religious dreams”…and i didn’t grow up in a faith tradition that focused on that kind of thing.

when i woke up, i was rattled…and i couldn’t resist looking up Psalm 36…and, believe it or not, there was some stuff in there for me–stuff that’s important for me as a husband, father, son, brother and teacher:)

One response

  1. Ahhhh….. a dream of David’s about a song by another David! Interesting indeed!

    You write that “there was some stuff in there for me…” Of course, those that David sings about would never have seen it. But some of them would no doubt see it in you! 🙂 Therein lies Lucifer’s scheme!


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