season of wonder

when the kids and i got home a few days ago…

they started playing with the nativity set, like they always do at this time of year…

and like in years past, some “other friends” showed up…this year it was R2-D2 and a ninja…

immediately, the ninja started calling for help (the part of the ninja was being played by my son, jack)…

help! help! i’m trapped in the lasers!

Jesus’ mother and R2-D2 (both played by my daughter, grace) replied…

hold on! we’re coming!  we’re coming to save you! we’re the only ones that can!

i interjected…

wait, what about baby Jesus?!  can’t He help, too?!

grace replied…

no. they’re the only ones that can save him.  


merry christmas and may the force be with you!

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