this father’s day…verse 2

i was thinking that…

despite being a teacher and making a lengthy career out of herding kids…i often wondered if i was cut out for the job of being a dad…when i looked around i saw great dads all over…my brother-in-law, todd, was/is one of those guys–born for it, you know…but, that wasn’t me…i mean, i used to seriously detest and dislike babies, infants and toddlers…friends would bring them around and i would think to myself what’s with the baby – again?!can’t you just leave that critter behind?! (please accept my late apologies on these feelings, dear friends;)…or we’d be talking and their infant would sound off with a shriek, a verbal-burst, or a crying fit…and i would secretly get annoyed with the little one and think, come on, can’t you see your mom and i are trying talk here?!peeing, pooping, & crying…what’s all the hype about??? …but, having my own children (our twins) has changed things, and the way i think about babies and other little critters…it’s as if an inner well has been discovered within me and a secret human switch has been tripped deep inside my core…allowing me to release love and care and crazy baby-talk sounds – that make me sound like i’m on ‘some really potent stimulants’– to fully engage with them…

and while i am often run-ragged and worked over–completely–by these two little ones…i’ve also realized how blessed i am to have them in my life! cheers!

[though i originally posted this reflection on another site (nearly 2 years ago), i thought it warranted a ‘re-posting’ here]

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