mother’s day…part I

this post goes out to my wife–the mother of my children…

the fact of the matter is…that some women are born to be moms (regardless of their status/standing in the world, marital status, or biological factors and realities)…it is a trait they possess…it is something innate…it is something that you know ‘when you see it’…

my wife is one of those women…

one of the things that i love to watch…other than the mummy’s day celebration on amc (‘mummy movies’ marathon)…the way that she loves our children…jack and grace…it’s not half-way, three-quarters, or even 99.9%…it is a complete and total immersion…100%!!!  this is not just ‘every other day’, or when ‘she feels like it’…but, she is there, she is present…every day…and they know it!!!  this is significant because she also works full-time, as a middle school teacher (7th grade science)…try doing that, then coming home and lovin’ your kids like she does, people!


so, here’s to you, babe!  i love you, i admire you (bigtime)…and i wouldn’t want to herd (our own) cats with anyone else!

happy mother’s day!!!

love, me

One response

  1. Congrats and Happy Day Beck!!! I know that Dave’s sentiments are so true and well deserved! 💜💚💙 from your god mom.


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