the big chill

the only people who love snow days more than students are teachers

you feel like a kid yourself, when the call comes–school closed…giddy as can be, having the chance to be (legitimately) gone from work…but, this is getting ridiculous…by this i mean the state of things in minnesota, where we are now on our fourth “school closed day” of the year–due to the temperature being too cold

during a normal winter in minnesota it can get so cold on some days that you feel as if you’ve been sucker punched in the gut (repeatedly) by old man winter…this winter, is a whole ‘nother level…

what makes this winter different? (you might ask)

well, if you can recall the ice planet of hoth from the empire strikes back, life during the reign of the white witch in narnia, or life north of the wall, a la game of thrones (the others included)…then, you’re getting close…

it is scary cold…

and no amount of turkish delight can remedy the situation…

so, i think i’ll saddle up a tauntaun and load up the family–in search of warmer climes…

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