the fountain of youth…

on the flip-side of the recent “ten attitude” post…

(most) kids bring an amazingly fun spirit to the settings that they’re in…sure, kids can be mean, self-centered, ‘checked-out’, unmotivated, defiant, irresponsible, irrational, delinquent, etc…

but they can also be caring, thoughtful, invested, inspiring, motivated, fun, funny, positive, etc…they can (and do) bring their own version of the “ten attitude”–to people that they meet…one that affects and changes you…for the better…when you experience it…

while they can give you a few gray hairs…

most of the time, working with youth is the fountain of youth! (for a long time i thought it was the jack daniel’s that made me feel like that–young and invincible…little did i know;)

q: what do you see when you see kids???

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