what’s going on?!

that is a question many of us have had over the summer…maybe, even longer than that–maybe, for years now…

what is going on in our society?  what is going on in our criminal justice system? is what we’re seeing, what we’re being shown…the whole truth?

it seems like, when we consider the violence and death that has been at the forefront of american life this summer, there’s nothing short of 1000 teachable moments, important things–that we could impart to our children in these times–for them, for us, and for the future of our society in the united states…

personally, while all of the stories of the summer were unfolding (and continue to develop), i had a lot of different feelings and thoughts about what i was seeing…and i wanted to write about it (criminal justice)–especially, since it is the subject that i teach (at high school and college)–but, to be completely honest, the herding cats space didn’t seem quite right for that kind of thing, you know…

so, with that, i have started a new blog…one that goes a bit deeper than what we might see in the mainstream media…

importantly, if you’re like me and have an interest in these matters and want to take a closer look at what’s going on — then, please join me in this new endeavor (though, i think it will be a bit more intense and hard-hitting than what you see here)…

the new site is called…

detteronomy – a private investigation…into law, crime, and justice in america

and you can follow it at…


now, don’t fret- this blog – herding cats – will go on…so, all you loyal followers out there–stay with me!!!  and, “thanks in advance” for continuing the journey!!!

thank you!


dave dettmann.

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